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Explorer Program

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Program Features

Yacht-Match EXPLORER Program

The Yacht-Match EXPLORER program is a unique yacht charter ownership program designed specifically for those planing to make their over-seas experience.  

The specification of the yacht and set up of the charter ownership is tailored towards your needs so you can enjoy the benefits of charter management, and at the same time, allow yourself the best possible preparation for blue ocean sailing and voyage. 

The Yacht-Match EXPLORER program is an excellent way to benefit from a charter ownership for your preferred yacht while receiving the right guidance and professional support from our team of dedicated specialist for a safe and well prepared investment for your big exploration.

The EXPLORER program is deliberately set-up with the intention to customise the yacht specification and ownership program from the beginning of the enquiry and proposal stage – ideally configured and matched with our network of niche and premium charter operators around the world.

Through professional guidance you will be informed and given recommended specifications for a yacht to be operated in charter and with a blue ocean package and extra equipment preparation.

The Yacht-Match network, with more than 62 bases around the world, allows you to chose from several starting points, and also access to charter operators that will be able to extend your charter management if you like to reenter the charter fleet after your big over-seas experience.

The Yacht-Match EXPLORER program is tailored toward the owner’s needs: through a professional purchase guidance and consultancy you will be given a customised charter management with a well prepared yacht, without loosing any of the benefits of a traditional charter management program.

The EXPLORER program suits the presumptive buyer that would like to have:

– the option to decide the length of the charter ownership program (free to join and exit over 1-10 years)

– the option to join other bases/charter fleets around the world, if needed to re-enter the charter management program again

– a professional guidance and support to equip and prepare a yacht for blue ocean voyage and comply to a preferable charter configuration

– access to the best niche charter operators in the world

– legal aid and understanding of correct registration and financing.

We guide you through the entire purchasing process and open the market for you, so you get a wider perspective and become equipped with our unique comparison tools and financing options with the best deals on the market.

We enlighten you by being your unbiased and professional consultant, unveiling the true potential of a tailor-made charter ownership. You will become informed and empowered to make the best decision and your lifestyle investment come through!

The EXPLORER program is a bespoke charter management program, configured to meet the requirements of a well prepared and correctly specified yacht to be operated in charter and managed by yourself in your blue ocean voyage. We serve as your broker and dealer in selling the yacht and your professional unbiased consultant that will guide you through a proposed plan and offer you a range of options with a portfolio illustrating the suggested yachts, financing, and EXPLORER package with the correct matched charter management.

The Final Proposal and end offer will contain a correctly equipped and specified yacht; details of delivery & registration; details of the charter management and matching operators; financing options and a contingency plan for re-entering a charter fleet during the next maximum 10 years.

Owner: Family "Johnson"

Yacht: Beneteau Oceanis 51.1 or Dufour Grand Large 520 (layout: 4/5 cabins with convertible option to owners version)

Marina: Year 1-3: Central Croatia/ Greece,  Year 4-6: Italy/ Spain, Year 7-10: Caribbean.

Holiday: (example) July: 2 owners week on the the family's own Yacht,  December: 1 week sailing in Caribbean (+) May: 1 owners week pre-season

(+) Oct: 1 week sailing Greece/ Turkey on similar size yacht.

Commitment/ Program: Full customisable (1-10 years) with exit and re-entering available around the world.

Financing: Part-Financing available (up to 55%: minimum 5 years commitment in charter) or take part of the yearly return from the charter income if you pay the full amount of the yacht (ex vat):

(Yearly return: 3 cabin: ca 6-8%/ 4 cabin: ca8-9%/ 5cabin: ca 10-11%).

Ownership: Full ownership and security, available as company or private ownership. Full registration and yearly accounting available. Our part-financing is also full ownership, with the buyer in direct contact with financial leasing. 


Going on a big over-seas adventure and like to have a professional consultant to set-up a charter management itinerary with access points to charter fleets and service around the world?

Then the Yacht-Match Extensive Consultancy will be helpful to create a tailored package for your big O.E with all the benefits from combining charter management along with your well planned adventure where we will supply you with access to service points and the benefits of of our tailored charter management programmes to offload costs and maintenance to our professionals around the world!

*Yacht-Match Extensive Consultancy extends our assignment and you will receive a more comprehensive overview, more offers and we will be acting as your personal and investigative brokers. It will require ongoing investigative consultancy where you gain access to the full range of possibilities from a dedicated team of specialist working to exceed your expectations.


Worldwide Sailing Destinations

Yacht-Match forms an exclusive partnership with a few of the premier charter operators in the world, who in turn represent what we qualify as Boutique Charter Operators. Currently, we have over 60 marinas offering over 700 yachts in yacht charter management – in the world’s best sailing areas

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